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Kayaking to the Sandbar


Shoving off from the side of the road in Kaneohe.

The Kaneohe Bay Sandbar is a unique place. It’s a strip of land a few hundred yards off shore that’s almost at sea level. At low tide you could be standing in just a few inches of water. When you’re out there and stop to think about it, it’s pretty surreal.

But here’s the catch: you need a boat to get there. If you’re in the military you’re with someone in the military, you can rent a boat off the base. Or, you can get some exercise and paddle a kayak out there. We did that last weekend.


The tide was high this time but still relatively shallow. It was waist deep. With the tide up and the wind blowing, it would’ve been nice to have an anchor so we could park the kayak. Do they make anchors for kayaks?


This crew that owns these boats on the left know how to party. They had about 5 boats parked next to each other and plenty food and drink. That Nautica thing floating there is a sort of a floating circular couch. It would be fun to be their friends.

Getting there

If you can get your hands on a kayak or own one, you’ll want to get in the water at a point that’s close to the sandbar. When you head out, you’ll be paddling against the wind which makes the distance seem farther than it is. I created a map that shows a good starting point.

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This story was last modified on May 18, 2013. (Originally published in September 2010.)

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