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Cliff Jump at Spitting Cave



People do some crazy stuff. You can die here. There are memorial plaques mounted in the rock for those that ate it. And there’s a sign posted with a code to give 911 operators so they know where you are if something goes wrong. Nevertheless, when I came here to check out the view of the cliffs, there were some guys jumping.

This is the famous cliff jump over the Spitting Cave at Portlock Point. When the ocean swells are right, water and air rush into this cave and a plume of sea spray gets spit out with a loud whoosh and gurgle. The guy at the bottom watches the swell. He’s looking for a nice gap in the waves where the jumper won’t get pushed into the cave when he hits the water. When an opportune moment presents itself, he calls up to the jumper and it’s bombs away.

This story was last modified on May 18, 2013. (Originally published in February 2011.)

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