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The Contemporary Museum


A veiny tree offers plenty shade.

Sculpture at the Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii#2

Photos from The Contemporary Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii.

A garden sculpture / bench.

There’s a small museum tucked away up in Makiki Heights. You can come here to check out the art in the gallery, grab a cup of coffee or eat lunch. You can also simply walk around the premises and take pictures. That’s what we did.

It’s a nice place to start your day on a weekend.

The Honolulu Contemporary Museum Sign#3

The Contemporary Museum sign on Makiki Heights Drive.


Part of the Darren Waterston: Forest Eater exhibit.


The Contemporary Cafe. A small cafe with a tasty lunch menu and strong coffee.


The path leading to the garden.


The lawn.

Garden at the Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii#8

Perfect spot for a picnic.


An installation of mirrors creates a dizzying effect.


A view of the grounds looking towards Waikiki.




The pool.


You can walk through a small botanical gardens.


Branches create tentacle-like shadows.


Textures abound at the museum.


Lawn art moves in perpetual motion.

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This story was last modified on May 18, 2013. (Originally published in November 2011.)

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