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Upper Makua Cave

View from outside Upper Makua Cave#1

There’s this spot up on a hill that offers some unique views of west Oahu.

Inside Upper Makua Cave#2

It’s a cave up on the mountain that’s being called “Upper Makua Cave.”

Upper Makua Cave climbing#3

Hiking up to Upper Makua Cave, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii.

A few months ago, I hiked up here with Justin (Volcanic Rock Gym) and Hiro to see if it was possible to climb the roof of the cave.

If the rock was climbable, it would have made for one amazing climbing spot. But as it turns out, the rock here at Upper Makua Cave is too crumbly to climb. I was still happy that I got to see this spot and take photos of the views from up there.

Please note: this part of Oahu is not exactly tourist friendly.


Upper Makua Cave is located right off of Farrington Hwy in Waianae.


We parked on the side of the road and loaded up on pads. (Please note that parked cars get broken into all the time over here. I wouldn’t recommend coming out here if you have a rental car.)

Hiking in Hawaii to Upper Makua Cave#6

Then we hiked up the side of the mountain following a faint trail. The trail is made up entirely of loose rocks.


Once we reached the top of the hill we could see views of Makua Valley.


There are two caves here.


The one on the left is tiny and any hand holds broke off when Justin and Hiro tried pulling on them.


The larger cave is huge and would be amazing to climb if the rock was more solid.


As it turns out, water seems to seep through the rock on this hill and the roof is brittle and even wet in some parts.


Still, the view from up here is awesome. You can see all the way to Kaena Point.


After inspecting the entire roof, we gave up.


A bit of rain passed through.

Sitting inside Upper Makua Cave#15

We took shelter in the cave amongst copious quantities goat poop. We also ate sandwiches.


A few old bullet casings were scattered about.


After the rain passed I walked out onto this ledge to grab some shots of Farrington Hwy.


The freshly paved and painted highway stands out against the rural landscape.


I took maybe thirty photos of the same view from this spot.


After we had finished our sandwiches it was time to lace up the hiking shoes and head down.


This day’s mission was a bust.

Upper Makua Cave, Oahu, Hawaii#22

But at least we got to see this view from this special place.

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This story was last modified on March 20, 2014. (Originally published in September 2012.)

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