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Pipeline, December 2012
A giant swell hit the North Shore of Oahu in December. I drove out to watch and take pictures. FULL STORY ›
Oahu Sunflower Fields
These fields are only around for a couple months out of the year in the winter. Oahu, Hawaii. FULL STORY ›
Photowalk Through the Forest
We went on a short hike through the forest to take photos of streams and waterfalls. Oahu, Hawaii. FULL STORY ›
December Sunset
Surprisingly, some of the best sunsets you'll see are during the winter. Oahu, Hawaii. FULL STORY ›
Haleakalā Crater
A look inside this dormant volcano and tallest peak on Maui. Maui, Hawaii. FULL STORY ›
Surf at China Walls
Watching surfers at this incredibly scenic spot. Oahu, Hawaii. FULL STORY ›