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Photography by Cassy Song of MÅŒNO


The ocean off of Oahu.


Tuft cones inside Haleakala Crater, Maui.


A narrow gulch on Maui.


A wading photographer on Oahu.


The forest above the sea on Maui.


This sampling of grainy goodness is provided by Honolulu-based photographer, graphic designer and store owner, Cassy Song (pictured above). Cassy was born and raised on Oahu. Her aesthetic is refined and subdued. I love the textures and sometimes bleakness of her landscapes. I’ve noticed that this style of photography tends to work really well as framed art.


I became a fan of Cassy’s photography through her wildly popular Instagram account ( She’s also been featured on iGNANT and Design Collector.

Recently though, I actually got to know Cassy through her store MÅŒNO. It’s one of my favorite stores in Honolulu. MÅŒNO (pronounced “moe-know”) means “thing” in Japanese. Cassy and her husband Dean opened the store in the Spring of 2013. In case you have yet to visit the store and in the spirit of supporting local businesses, I’m going to tell you bit about it.


Cassy and Dean are purveyors of small design goods at MÅŒNO. It’s a very unique store for Hawaii.


What you’ll also see here is Cassy’s collection of film cameras. Most of the photos featured in this story are shot on film.


This Yashica MAT 124 is a classic professional twin lens reflex camera. This thing is so cool looking. A twin lens reflex (or TLR) camera has two lenses as opposed to a single lens reflex (or SLR) camera. One lens takes the photo, the other is the view finder. In an SLR, you do both through the same lens. So that’s a TLR … hey … hello? Hey wake up…hello?


Cassy is also a fan of Polaroids.


I’ve never owned a Polaroid and by the time I got interested in photography, Instagram came out and Polaroid stopped making film. But man, you can do some cool things with these instant cameras.


Here’s a small sampling of Cassy’s images of Hawaii from her various film cameras.


This is a look through the viewfinder of Cassy’s Hasselblad 500cm medium format film camera.


Wa’ahila Ridge on film.


The Macaroni Wireless Telegraph Station, Kahuku, Oahu. Contax T3 with Ilford HP5 film.


Looking across Maui through a Canon EOS-3 with Fuji Pro 400H film.


A view of the Pacific Ocean from a Canon EOS-3 with Fuji Pro 400H film


A frame from that awesome medium format film camera, the Hasselblad 500cm, with Fuji Pro 400H film.


Another tasty frame from the Hasselblad 500cm. This time with Ilford HP5 film.


So yeah, you can see Cassy’s collection of cameras at here store and browse the unique collection of products they sell.


There are some really hard to find pieces in here. It’s a great place to buy gifts.


These Fjallraven (I still haven’t figured out how to pronounce that name) backpacks are one of their most popular items.


They also have some higher end bags by Porter.


In addition to being a photographer, Cassy is also a super talented graphic designer. And like all good designers, she’s a big fan of Braun products.


After I shot this photo, I bought this clock. I love this thing.


These bento boxes are another popular item at MÅŒNO. Perfect for bringing home-lunch to the office.

Just a heads up, the product selection rotates out often so the items you see here might not be available when you go.


MÅŒNO is located on King Street next to McCully. The bus stops right out front.


You can also get there using the new King St. Cycle Track. Yep, Honolulu now has a protected bike lane.


Find more about Cassy and MŌNO at:

This story was last modified on January 2, 2015. (Originally published in December 2014.)

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