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Keana Farms Zipline


Keana Farms is a working farm located in Kahuku on Oahu’s North Shore.

Keana Farms Zipline - Action Shot

They built a series of zip lines over their land.

Ziplining at Keana Farms

It sure is a convenient way to see views of the North Shore.

A few months ago, I joined the crew from Go Hawaii for a ziplining tour at Keana Farms. This was my first time ziplining so I didn’t know what to expect. Here’s a look a the tour …


I think most people will start the day with a drive up to Kahuku. If you don’t know where that is, it’s right by where the famous shrimp trucks are on Oahu’s North Shore.

You check in at this building.


The Keana Farms zipline is operated by a company called CLIMB Works. They are a company from the mainland that specializes in this stuff and you can tell the team is well trained. You start by checking in at the front desk, and then it’s time to get geared up.


They stick you in harnesses that go over your crotch region and then up over your shoulders. There are straps and buckles galore across your body. You are not slipping out of these things.


Helmets are mandatory unfortunately so be prepared for geeky selfies. Or, I suppose, one could embrace the helmet.


The first zipline you zip down is a short practice one. In this one they train you how to use the clips and stuff. For me, I used it to figure out how I was going to take photos with my DSLR while ziplining.

Note for you photogs: you can use a DSLR, just bring a strap and have them clip it on to your harness. You can also bring a backpack if you want to carry different lenses with you. I’d recommend switching between a 24-70mm, then an ultrawide and a fish-eye. You need a fast shutter speed so a fast lens is a must.


ATVs shuttle you from the check-in building up the mountain to the first zipline.


The ATV ride is actually really fun. They don’t hold back here, they are gunning it up the mountain.


You can see here that we’ve obtained some nice elevation up the hill. There’s a nice ocean view.


Malaekahana and Laie are visible to the right.


Our guide gears us up for our first zip.




As you zip down the line you’re treated to views of the North Shore.


The first one was pretty short but it was really just a warm up.


The zipline tour consisted of seven ziplines. (They were in the process of building an eight line when we went.) So part of the fun is getting from line to line.


Each zipline is dual line so you go down in pairs. I’d say it’s best to have your group be an even number or else you’ll have to designate someone to be the awkward lone zipliner that everyone looks at in pity.


Here’s what I’ll say about ziplining: overall it’s pretty damn fun. But if I had to be critical, I’d say it feels a little too safe (I wouldn’t mind losing the helmet) and I wish they would tune the ziplines to go faster. I’m almost positive they could loosen it up a bit to go faster.


The views from up on the mountain really made the tour enjoyable. I love being outdoors surrounded by nature and with good company.


I think the zipline tour is great for team building and group bonding.


These two guys were guides. I think the guides really made the experience work. They made us feel safe but were also really easy to talk to.


From a photographer’s point of view, I really enjoyed creating frames that captured my friends floating over the jungle below.


On one of the longer lines, the guides encourage you to race and place a bet to see who wins.


Being that Christina (@stinasoohoo) is a yoga instructor and I rarely do yoga, I agreed that if I lost I would take a yoga class with her.

Keana Farms Zipline Tour

This one did not end well for me.


Our Go Hawaii friends made another wager.


The loser would have to do push ups while the rest of us took pictures for our blogs and social media outlets.


With the ritual of loser shaming complete, we proceeded to our next zipline.


Little did we know, more shaming would insue.


You see, to reach the starting point for the next zipline, one must hoist themselves to the top of this platform (a good 15 feet in height) using their own might. We did boys against girls on this one and I’m happy to report, the men completely crushed the women. Like big time.


And then Christina beat me on the zipline once again.


Then it was back to the ATVs. The ATV rides were almost as fun as the zipline. I feel like they should let us drive them as part of the tour. That would be awesome.


They let us walk up the this platform like normal humans. I.e., we walked up stairs.


The sun was starting to drop below the Koolaus at this point creating scenic views of Keana Farms.


This next line is designated as the backwards line.


Meaning, you zip down it facing backwards. Here’s Chris (@thechrisching) throughly enjoying this experience.


If only the zipline went all the way to the ocean.


The final zipline of the tour is at the platform at the end of this rope bridge.


The challenge here is to see if you can walk across the bridge without using your hands.


Rope bridges in the jungle at dusk are always scenic.


This final line is designated as the inverted zipline. You’re mean to ride it upside down.


You start upside down but need to right yourself before you get to the end.


Engaging the core, I righted myself and saw the crew cheering me on. And that’s what this tour is all about. Spending a few hours on a mountain cracking jokes, racing down ziplines, and encouraging each other. I’d recommend coming with a group of 6 to 8 people.


You end the day not tired, but satisfied.


For more info on the Keana Farms Zipline go to:

This story was last modified on April 17, 2015. (Originally published in April 2015.)

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