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Revisiting the Mu Ryang Sa Temple

Golden Buddha at the Mu Ryang Sa Buddist Temple in Hawaii

I love taking photos here.

Buddha at the Mu Ryang Sa Buddist Temple in Hawaii

The colors are bold and bright.

Door at the Mu Ryang Sa Buddist Temple in Hawaii

New sights from the Mu Ryang Sa Buddhist temple, Honolulu, Hawaii.

I’m back at the Mu Ryang Sa Buddist Temple.

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by someone from the temple who was building their blog. She asked if she could use the photos from my Mu Ryang Sa Buddhist Temple post and of course I said “yes.” Then she told me about some parts of the temple that I totally missed and wondered if I’d be interested in taking photos of those as well.

So, I went to go check it out and here are some of the awesome sights I overlooked on my first trip to the temple…

The first time you drive out here, it’s a bit of a shock to see a huge temple sitting in the back of this neighborhood. You would never expect it to be there. It’s definitely a “hidden gem” type of place. It’s only a 10 minute drive from my apartment so I was happy to come back out here and explore the grounds a bit more.

I’m presenting the following photos without comment. Please see the temple’s website,, for information on the temple, meditation, programs and events, and volunteering.













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This story was last modified on May 18, 2013. (Originally published in February 2012.)

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