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Boar's Nest

A few months ago a new bouldering spot was found somewhere in the forest on Oahu.

One of the boulders is massive with just slivers for hand holds.

Hawaii rock climbers explore a new bouldering spot on Oahu.

This place is called the Boar’s Nest.
There are many boulders in this area but on this session, I cruised out here with a bunch of Hawaii rock climbers to define some bouldering routes, or “problems,” on the massive one. It’s the size of a house.

Before we could do any climbing, we had to do some brushing. Being that this is a rock in the forest, it’s covered in dirt. The crew looks for potential hand and foot holds on the rock and brushes them clean.

Those little cracks and holes can be used as finger holds.

Matt drops down from a rope to safely inspect the top portion of the boulder.

Ben brushes off the part of the smaller boulder that would be used for “topping out.”

Nancy ropes up as well.

With the boulder being so tall, we needed several crash pads.

Nick cleans off some holds on a smaller boulder.

With the boulders cleaned up, the crew starts creating routes.

Justin spots Nancy as she holds on to some tiny crimpers.

Nancy reaches for a hold.

Matt attempts a new route.

He was the only person to complete on this day getting the FA (FA = first ascent).

Some holds broke off on the following attempts so the problem is now more difficult. Nonetheless, Nick thoroughly enjoys the art of spotting.

Duc sit starts the smaller boulder. Those tic marks indicate that that chunk of rock is about to break off.

Matt climbed a tree to get some Instagram photos (Lutstagram).

If you want to know more about this bouldering spot on Oahu, you can ask the climbers at Volcanic Rock Gym (Hawaii’s only rock climbing gym).
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This story was last modified on September 9, 2012. (Originally published in September 2012.)

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