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Rainforest Boulders

Nick, on the rock.

There be boulders in the rainforests around town. Big ones and small ones. Local climbers are putting up new problems almost every weekend it seems. You’ll find the best town-side bouldering here but you better be experienced or be with some experienced climbers. The landings are very sketchy so you’ll need a bunch of pads.

This post is just an introduction to this bouldering spot. I checked this place out for the first time a few weeks ago with Nick, Nick, Justin, Dennis and Freddie. It was good to see the rock but the weather wasn’t on our side. It kept raining on and off and after a couple hours, the rock was too wet to climb.

The location of this place is not a secret but I don’t want to post it up on the blog just yet. If you’re interested in checking it out, just ask around at the rock gym and someone should be able to give you the scoop.

Getting the boulders involves a very short hike through the forest. It’s usually muddy here so it’s best to bring some hiking shoes. Slippers would make things a little tricky.

It’s peaceful back here.

You’ll eventually come across a huge rock wall on your right.

This entire wall is full of problems. All with sketchy landings.

You can see a couple lines on these two boulders between Justin (left)  and Nick (center).

I’m told this is the warm-up boulder.

This boulder is appropriately named “shnoz.”

There will be more coverage to come as the weather is getting less rainy and days are getting longer now. It’ll be easier to have a full climbing session in the rain forest during the summer.

* * *
And now, some climbing pics…

Justin climbs the boulder

Dennis comes around the arete.

Nick sends his project.

Another view of Dennis.

Watch Nick’s new Oahu Bouldering video. Many of the climbs are from this rainforest.

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This story was last modified on March 25, 2013. (Originally published in April 2011.)

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