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Oahu’s Unreal Coastline
Above Exploring the scenic cliffs. Oahu may be a relatively small island but it’s full of surprises. On a recent s… FULL STORY ›
Super Full Moon
Above The “super full moon” over Waikiki. Every 18 years or so the moon passes the Earth at the closest part… FULL STORY ›
Secret Koa Tree
Above Hanging out on a koa tree at the top of an unnamed ridge. My man Cory took us up to this super cool koa tree last weekend… FULL STORY ›
Waianae Range Views
Above: Views of Waianae, West Oahu, Hawaii. We hiked the Waianae Range in West Oahu a week ago. It was my first time ever se… FULL STORY ›
Kaaawa Views
Above First: Kahekili Ridge. Second: Kahana Bay. Third: Kahana Valley. We did an epic hike over the weekend in Kaawa. Th… FULL STORY ›
Sunset over Magic Island
Above The setting sun over Magic Island. The shoreline of Ala Moana, where I live, faces Southwest. When the sun sets in t… FULL STORY ›