Waimanu Valley Waterfalls
On the second day of our backpacking trip to Waimanu Valley, we set off to check out some waterfalls. We found two. Wai… FULL STORY ›
Waimanu Valley, Big Island, Hawaii
Waimanu Valley via the Muliwai Trail
Start here. Hike 9 miles. The Waimanu Series: This is the first post in a five-part series on Waimanu. See more: PART 2: WaFULL STORY ›
Koko Head Shooting Complex
I’ve always wanted to see Koko Head from this angle. You see, I like guns. Above Shooting custom rifles at the Koko… FULL STORY ›
Island Trails – Bolohead Ridge
    Above Extreme hiking on Bolohead Ridge on the Waianae Mountain Range of Oahu, Hawaii. View in HD on Vimeo.… FULL STORY ›
Nighttime Bouldering, a Video
    Above Video of nighttime bouldering (rock climbing) at the Town Boulders in Honolulu, Hawaii. We went ou… FULL STORY ›
Lines in the sand at Kalalau Beach, Kauai
Kalalau Beach
Strong winds during the day form lines in the sand. During the winter months, huge waves crash against the cliffs. The oc… FULL STORY ›