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Jake Marote Photography

Dancer of the Sea

“Dancer of the Sea”

Golden Hour

“Golden Hour”

Paradise Beach

“Paradise Beach”

Nai'a Ohana

“Nai’a Ohana”



The Underwater Hunter

“The Underwater Hunter”



Honu World

“Honu World”



Live Aloha

“Live Aloha”

Waipio Valley

“Waipio Valley”

Sunset Glimmer

“Sunset Glimmer”

Silky Sunset

“Silky Sunset”

A Walk in Paradise

“A Walk in Paradise”

Full Moon

“Full Moon”

About the Photographer

This is a small sample of photos by local Hawaii photographer Jake Marote (@jake_of_all_trades).


Photo of Jake by Shaun Harada (@2scoopsofaloha).

Raised on Big Island, Jake now lives on Oahu. When he’s not at work, Jake is out with his friends surfing, diving, spearfishing, hunting, off-roading his truck, riding dirt bikes and whatever else keeps him outdoors. And along the way, he’s been capturing beautiful images from his experiences.

It’s a treat to be able to share his photography with you.

Getting in touch with Jake:

Jake mentioned he’s also available for commissioned photo shoots, so if you have any requests, just let him know.

* * *

Jake Marote and Billy the Goat

If you follow Unreal Hawaii you may remember Jake from the story I did about him and his pet goat Billy (Jake Marote and Billy the Goat).

This story was last modified on December 11, 2013. (Originally published in December 2013.)

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