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Laie Point


You can’t see this place from the road. It’s tucked away behind a neighborhood in Laie, a small town on Oahu’s north shore. At some point this must have been a secret spot among Laie locals.

This small strip of land you see here is a state park called Laie State Wayside Park. Most people just call it Laie Point. It’s a popular stop for people doing a tour around the island. If you find yourself in this area, it’s worth seeing. Especially if you’ve picked up photography as a hobby.


The iconic landmark of Laie Point is this small islet with a big hole in the middle.


You can see rock stackings on the islet that show people have paddled out here one way or another.


Laie Point is also known for this cliff right here where the people are gathering.


It’s a popular cliff jumping spot.


Waves constantly break against this point creating a jagged shoreline.


The north facing shorelines are usually the most rugged.


Some rocks look like dragons.


If you’re into photography, you can spend a decent amount of time here shooting textures and landscapes.


If you’re not into photography, this is a nice place to walk around, sip coffee and eat a plate lunch from Papa Ole’s (which is just 5 minutes away).


We walked around the coastline for a bit. This was our first time visiting Laie Point.


The rocks were swarming with ocean spiders.


This is not a the safest place to walk around in slippers.


But it does make for a nice photo.


Also, some guy was fishing.

We drove up to check out Laie Point after doing a hike in Kaawa (east Oahu). There are a bunch of hikes nearby, such as:

Laie Beach Park and Kokololio Beach Park are also close by.

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This story was last modified on August 1, 2013. (Originally published in August 2013.)

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