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Category: Island
“Wired Hikers” [Video]
A video produced for Hawaiian Airlines about hiking bloggers on Oahu. FULL STORY ›
Queen’s Beach Jetty
Views from the jetty that just out of a popular beach in Waikiki. Oahu, Hawaii. FULL STORY ›
Somewhere on Maui
Photos from a backpacking trip through a remote rainforest. Maui, Hawaii. FULL STORY ›
July 4 Fireworks at Ala Moana, Oahu, Hawaii
Fourth of July Fireworks at Ala Moana
The 2012 fireworks show. Oahu, Hawaii. FULL STORY ›
Pu’u Piei Mauka
Extreme hike. Totally overgrown and steep. So worth it though. Oahu, Hawaii. FULL STORY ›
Photo by John Hook
John Hook Photography
One of the most talented photographers on Oahu. FULL STORY ›