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Bouldering in Hawaii

Hawai Rock Climbers at the Arch, Oahu, Hawaii

The Arch at Kaena Point.

Justin Ridgely, Bouldering in Hawaii

Justin Ridgely hanging over the rocks and water at the Arch.

The Hawaii Rock Climbing Spot, Zombie Meadows

Justin at Zombie Meadows.

Bouldering in Hawaii, Oahu.

A collection of 21 photos that showcase the sport of bouldering, in Hawaii.

Nancy under a giant rock in the forest.

These are the photos that were shown in the “Bouldering in Hawaii” photo exhibition.

The photos are meant to provide a glimpse into the bouldering scene on the island of Oahu. Four climbers are featured in the photos: Justin Ridgely, Matt Lutey, Nancy Nguyen and Hiro Watanabe.

There are 21 photos in all. If you didn’t get to see them printed out and hung on the walls, please enjoy this photoset.

Hiro at the Upper Makua Cave.


A sequence of Justin climbing “Pidgeon Lessons” at the Arch.

Justin at Boar’s Nest.

Hiro at Paradise Boulders.

Justin at Future Cave.

Hiro and Justin scope out a line at Sacreds.

Justin preparing to climb.

Justin on Saltwater Sound.

A wide shot of Justin on Saltwater Sound.

Justin climbing at an undisclosed location on the North Shore.

Matt climbing at an undisclosed location on the North Shore.

Justin at the Town Boulders.

Justin at Zombie Meadows.

Matt inspects an unclimbable boulder in a remote valley on Oahu.

Matt on the Iceberg at the Bunker Boulders.

Nancy climbing at Paradise Boulders.

Matt presents a collection of boulder shards.

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This story was last modified on March 25, 2013. (Originally published in December 2012.)

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