Goat Island (Mokuauia)
Above Scenes from Goat Island. Up on the North East point of Oahu, there’s an island shaped like a goat. It’… FULL STORY ›
Pali Notches
A steep hike up to the two man-made notches cut out of the mountain above the Pali Lookout. Best to go on a day when winds are calm. Oahu, Hawaii. FULL STORY ›
Waiakeakua Falls
Above Cory climbs the falls. Last weekend we hiked into the Manoa Valley rainforest and climbed up a 50 foot waterfall. A… FULL STORY ›
Above Hiro finding a line. If you’ve “liked” Volcanic Rock Gym’s Facebook page, you’… FULL STORY ›
Secret Koa Tree
Above Hanging out on a koa tree at the top of an unnamed ridge. My man Cory took us up to this super cool koa tree last weekend… FULL STORY ›
Kaneohe Sandbar
Above The edge of the sandbar. Got a boat? Lucky you. I bet you come to the sandbar all the time. Me, I need to wait for an invi… FULL STORY ›